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like a bullet of fact straight to the head
More news, right from the smoking barrel of the news gun.

I came back home on Friday. Wilhelmina the chicken has died, Somerset is infested with flies and the kitten really likes sleeping on my bed, but otherwise things are much the same as usual. Oh and Jenny's hair is such a mess from dye it's going going ginger.

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Go Cat! For the Motherland!
people are fragile. Sometimes it only takes a litte thing to break them for a bit.

Yesterday was the annual Christmas party my friend Niko holds, being the only person with the pull and confidence to bring together enough people I know from school-times together. long-winded ponderingCollapse )

Most people have the same story - still getting by, trying to find a decent job, the odd person getting married (but no-one married just yet). I want to hear some success stories that will inspire me to work hard for my degree! no-one is giving me any of that.

I went with Mark & Lon, and we didn't get there that early because when we were going to go Lon spent quarter of an hour straightening her hair. After Mark spent half an hour doing something undetermined, but probably hair related. Notable things were Chris' demonstration of how he can fit his (pretty large) phone into his mouth nd then have someone ring it, a feat soundly trumped by Matt's ability to stick a spoon up his nose into his sinuses, right up to the broad part of the spoon. Something luckily I didn't see. Nick has a beard! And because his facial hair isn't the same colour as the hair on his head, it's ginger. Mark rang up Ed to see if he and Nick could come (because Niko hadn't been able to contact them), but nick was apparently out in weston with a girl. We're not sure why Torb couldn't come, but according to mark he sounded sad, possibly because of Nick going out into weston with a girl. I spent a fair amount of time talking to Kim, which I've not really done before; possibly because Anna and especially Vikki were rather drunk for her to talk to. She was asking about Nick (her ex) and was disappointed to hear he is no longer orange and round. I also spent time stealing food (transferring plates from the table to where we were) for for myself and the three Street girls.
I found out that Matt Mather knew Gemma and Laura. Which isn't really surprising considering they were in the same year on the same course at exeter, but I'd never thought of before.

And stuff.

Unfortunately Lon was fainty and unwell and she refused to lie down inside, preferring to lie down in mark's car, in the cold. So we had to go fairly early. We probably should have gone earlier rather than leaving her out there for a while. But Viks, Kim & Na went just before us anyway (Kim not entirely happy about the other two's drunkeness), so people may have started drifting off after that. It would have been nice to talk to some people some more though.

I read a book mark's lent me until about 2:30 so I didn't get much sleep, since we had to be up to take lon to work at quarter to seven. So I'm rather tired at the moment. and I think I'm going to stop writing and go to bed
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Well you're a dirty pirate hooker.
ooh, look, I backdated it.

So, rather delayed ATP roundup, but I thought I'd better get some things down before I forget them completely.

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I need an ornithopter and a load of eels, stat! ... Good old Yellow Pages
Today has been a bit of a mess. I wasn't really worried about my jury service, but it doesn't take much to throw me off sometimes. I was a bit rushed but I caught the bus ok. After this things went wrong. The motorway was shut southbound after an accident, so it took an hour to get into Bridgwater (4 miles or so) and another hour and a half or more to get to Taunton. Already a little put off by this I got off at the wrong place, though I did find the courthouse without trouble. When I got there though - it's an impressive old county building, with a big wooden door - I just couldn't get the courage to actually go in.

I wandered around and sat down for a while to try and change my mind, but in the end I caught a bus back. It turned out there had been another accident and the M5 was now shut northbound as well, but that didn't really affect me, luckily (though the bus I caught was one that was meant to have arrived 90 minutes earlier).

I'm not very happy with myself; I think once I get in and sorted it won't be a problem but it's just going in there and starting off right that scares me. Going to try again tomorrow and hopefully will avoid being in contempt of court this time.

Thankfully Laura was around to make an effort to cheer me up this afternoon, with her knowledge of smutty japanese phrases and general charm.

Anyway, happier things, we had a barbeque yesterday at Mark's, attended by Nick, Ed, Luke, Mark, Lon and myself. We were a little surprised Nick hadn't turned up first thing in the morning, because on saturday we tried out the magical scales Mark's mum has which estimate body fat percentage, but are meant to be used first thing in the morning before you've eaten anything. Nick was annoyed because he contains as much fat as me and mark put together - he had over 20% body fat, and weighed more than either of us, while Mark was 10.7% and I was 9.5% (and also 9 stone 5lb). Nick retorted that the fat measured was in fact simply his penis. But, apart from the questionability of whether that's really such a good thing (having a stone of fat in your penis...), he didn't come up with the retort until the next day.

So, the weather was very nice, as the sun slowly pushed us closer and closer to the house to find shade.

Highlights of the conversation included the following:
- Nick's explanation of why Julian Graves is like a computer-RPG, because of the weird health giving items you find in there, like moqda honey, different colours of tea and so on (I don't remember what that honey was really called). "You defeated a bear. You find 12 kelp tablets. Gain +2 strength."
- Ed on how rubbish Big Brother is - Nick: "You should watch the highlights." Ed (absolute monotone deadpan): "I was watching the highlights."
- "But how many people have to hold a misconception before it becomes a fact?" - Ed auditions to be the G-Man, or a Matrix agent. I can't actually remember what the common misconception was, other than it was a linguistic one.
- Why, despite knowing the world is round we still talk about sunrise - because "what a beautiful earth rotation" isn't quite as nice a thing to say.

I'm sure there was more stuff I've forgotten; it was good to see people again.

well you seem nice enough
Ok, what I suppose if the big news at the moment first. It looks like I'm going to be going to Japan and staying with Laura for a bit. This, of course, is something of a crazy idea, but well I feel I need to start doing some random things. It may have been Gemma who initially suggested the idea, in her continuing bout of intercontinental matchmaking, but I'm unsure.

The big drawback in the plan of course was getting Laura to agree to this random suggestion sprung upon her. However, in a bid to not be out-crazied, she has agreed, which is fantastic of her. She has been subjecting me to rigorous psychological testing, though I think she's also been encouraged by rather enthusiastic recommendations from Gem. Now I have to try not to antagonise her, reveal my dark and sinister secrets, and generally be nice to her. Obviously there's a worry that a week and a half with a person you've never met could be a rather difficult experience... but nothing ventured, nothing gains as I would never normally say.

Last night Ed said that it was typical of me that when asked about someone I'm going round the world to meet and stay with, my response was "she's nice."

I mentioned the idea to my mum the other day and she said I could have a plane ticket as a late christmas present (there's a reason for that, but it's boring). It's still quite a lot, but if I think of it as also partly a birthday present (and maybe next christmas too) it's not quite so bad. At the moment we're thinking about 10 days at the end of August.

One thing I have to do now is remember that there is more to my summer than this and I still need other things to do.

I will, of course, write more about this, like more behind the idea, what I/we might actually do (ummm...) and so-on. Tips and suggestions welcome.

Anyway, that aside, Niko had a barbeque last night. Predictably it rained.
It's a little sad. Niko, largely by virtue of being really nice, is the only person who really brings together our extended group from the sixth form any more. As people lose touch, go places and whatever, the number of people is slowly declining. There weren't any Street people there yesterday, because they've mainly not around (largely in London)(though there's not been an incredibly strong tie since Nick & Vikki split up, which is quite a long time now). There were maybe a dozen people there; I stayed mainly talking to Chivers, Lon, Nick, Bawds & Ed. At about 10 the latter three went off to Weston; Robbie & Mather went at around the same time.

We had to call out an ambulance, not due to excessive drinking, but because Kathryn (I don't know how she likes her name spelt) fainted, hit her head and was out for several minutes. But she looked ok when she left (for the hospital), she was walking alright. I couldn't help thinking, when she was lying on the floor, and all I could see not obscured by people were striped-tighted legs, she looked like the witch from the wizard of oz.

It was something Nick was trying to avoid, but due to the impossibility of actually buying a house solely on the income of two people, he, Bawds and Ed might be living together. They also all work at the same place. So they will be synchronising their days, all getting up at the same time, meeting on the landing, going down for the same breakfast, brushing their teeth in a line, driving off to work one behind the other, sitting at work next to each other doing exactly the same thing and exchanging cheery smiles - that is until Torb's computer does something unexpected and the others frown at him until he's back on track.

The alternative is even funnier, but a little hard to explain. Basically it involves Gay Fuel (it's like red bull for homosexuals), Luke & Ed's buff, demi-godlike phsyiques and a paddling pool full of baby oil instead of beds. Now there's some seriously hot mental images for you.
Nick has promised to get his own back next time I see him, but putting up with Mark & Lon's not-so subtle insinuations until (and surely after) I go to Japan is more draining.

Hang on to Each Other
So I decided to start a livejournal in the end. I'm annoyed I couldn't get the Skinny_Fists username. I suppose this is really just another way for me to do something and fill my time. Nothing much ever happens to me so it's hardly going to be interesting. I should really make some exciting stuff up. May at least help friends keep track of me when I don't tell them what's going on. And I suppose really bored people will read just about anything on the net. I know I do.

Anyways, I should fill in what's going on at the moment for my first post.
I'm back at home now after deciding to repeat my third year due to depression. Not feeling too bad at the moment but we'll see how it goes. Have picked some people to live with next year and am worried about the decision, but at least it's close to campus. Though still waiting for a reply to confirm they'll actually take me.

Home is much the same as usual. Jenny passed her driving test on Friday and is now driving all over the place. Libby is studying globalisation in geography and claims (plausibly) she knows more than her teacher.

Friends, in no particular order:
James is now chair of guild appeals committee, or something like that. He's on course to do a doctorate in something or other marine ecology related.
Gemma is off to Utah tomorrow. *Sniff*
Mark I haven't spoken to that much recently, but is planning a new RPG set in the clone wars.
Lon shall henceforth be known as bulbasaur.
Nick & Bawds & Ed I don't know about but they are not dead.

My plans for the summer are to learn to drive, get some work, spend some money on stuff and try not to go mad. At the moment it's nice to be home, relaxing and not worrying about university and stuff, but there's a long time to go and I'm not looking forward to work & driving or the likelihood of not seeing people. At least nick & ed will be around permanently now I think.

Over the weekend I was busy rearranging my room, since the books have now been moved out. Pretty pleased with it now, though it needs some finishing touches. The downside is all the dust gave me a really runny nose. Need to decide how I'm going to decorate it now.
Been doing some painting & modelling, almost finished off three squads now. Started converting two models to use as an old cadian missile launcher team, which is one of those conversions I quickly realised may not have been such a great idea. I cut my finger too.

Have also been listening to Horses in the Sky. My current opinion is that it's half good and half not so good, though I'm warming a bit more to some of the tracks. The best is without a doubt the opener God Bless Our Dead Marines, which is powerful, dynamic and covers all the ASMZ themes in one song. Hang on to Each Other is also good for its plaintive call. If there's one thing that I need to do it's that.
On the downside, the constellation sampler Songs of the Silent Land, though very very pretty, isn't that great, and I still don't know where my Rock Action compilation is.

That's about all for now. Writing a livejournal is a bit odd, because it's hard to gauge how much personal & emotional stuff to put/give away in it. You don't want it to be completely cold, but equally anyone could read it, and without you even knowing. Perhaps it's not so bad for people whose lives aren't as compartmentalised as mine.


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