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Quick Film Reviews #28
Lovefilm went on a bit of an Afghanistan binge and sent me Restrepo right after Armadillo. Restrepo was actually filmed some years before, but the tactics and attitudes seem just the same as Armadillo. The same massive use of firepower, the fruitless searches, wary villagers, and civil projects that go nowhere. Oh, and the sound of an A-10 firing its cannon is still a terrifying noise.
Bechdel Test: fail

Pretty in Pink
Amy and I spent some time arguing about the merits of the alternative ending to this film, and whether it's better for Andie to end up with adoring, faithful Duckie or with the nice, rich, pretty boy Blane. The former says that social walls can be broken down. But it does also suggest that whatever you do, the rich will end up winning. I like the latter ending, leaving Blane not getting what he wants, but learning a lesson with good grace. Then we realised that we were treating Andie as a prize rather than a character with agency, and that really she's better off with Blane as he's not as annoying.
Bechdel Test: pass, I think.

The 40 Year Old Virgin
As this genre of films goes, The 40 year old virgin probably represents a step forward. Let's focus on the negative though. To start with, it's not as funny as it should be. It's not bad, but I want more laughs. On the serious side of the film, a fundamental problem is the misdiagnosis of the main character's problem. It's not that he doesn't know how to socialise with women, he has no social life at all. It's not really the 40 year-old virgin, it's the 40 year-old nerd. Though the film might be comparatively progressive, women are still little more than the tool for his personal development. This is a film in which a woman is literally employed in order to be someone's girlfriend. The more I think about it, the more negative I become, which is probably unfair (not because you shouldn't think about films so much but because I don't think about most films so much).
Bechdel Test: I'm going to say "fail", unless you consider a brief shouted argument "talking to one another".


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